Who Makes the Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards?

Microsoft Natural Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 7000
Currently, the best-selling wireless ergonomic keyboard is the Microsoft Natural Wireless Ergonomic 7000 Keyboard. There are various styles on the market made by a few different brands. If you're looking for a "curved" or "natural" type of cordless ergonomic keyboard then you'll notice that most are sold bundled with a matching ergonomic mouse. They usually use the phrase "desktop" when referring to a combo package of both input devices. When doing a search you'll notice that the same two brands show up everywhere: Microsoft and Logitech. They are the two main manufacturers of ergonomic wireless keyboards and they both procude excellent-quality products. Prices range anywhere from about $50.00 to over $100.00 for the really good packages. Basically the more expensive you go the better the feel and looks will be. They'll no doubt last longer than the cheap ones as well (more durable) and they usually feature a longer battery life. Keep in mind that any wireless input devices use batteries for power, usually AA or AAA depending on the size. If used daily, the better models could have about a 3 month battery life, which isn't too bad. Watch out for the cheapies though... some eat up battery power like it's their job. Just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. When searching online you'll also notice some keyboards made by Adesso, a brand not very well known but nevertheless they make decent devices. Most of their products involve the use of a built-in touchpad as a mousing device, which some people find very appealing. All you do is slide your finger around the trackpad and the cursor moves on your screen, just like using a laptop computer. Adesso is a good option if you want a keyboard and mouse combined into one unit, otherwise we recommend either Microsoft or Logitech combos.

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