Smartfish ErgoMotion Keyboard

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The ErgoMotion keyboard by Smartfish (also called the 'Reflex' or 'Engage') is the first ergonomic input device that moves on its own, providing a unique benefit not realized with other ergo keyboards. Below is what the people behind this product have to say about it.

Dr. Jack Atzmon
CEO, Inventor

"When we first set out to make our line of devices we decided to take a unique perspective. Instead of looking at what made a keyboard more comfortable we decided to look at what made people uncomfortable. We found that the key problem of discomfort was not alleviated by any single ergonomic keyboard on the market today. We actually found that people confined to one position for too long ended up in discomfort. In fact, repetition itself was the cause of discomfort. Our patented designs avoid static repetition and confinement, a problem seen across many industries. Our keyboards measure your productivity, learn when you've been confined for too long a period of time, and make subtle, comfortable changes to your position. The motion moves the fixed position of the user's hands and effectively eliminates the risk of RSI. Setting out to create this device I wanted to have the best engineers, designers and medical expertise to stand behind it. I recruited top professionals in these fields to collaborate and bring you the most comfortable, functional and beautifully finished product that will revolutionize the way you compute today."

"Here at Smartfish we're pioneering a new concept - a concept that we call ErgoMotion. Simply put, this idea revolves around the proven medical fact that devices need to have motion to be truly ergonomic. Today's ergonomic products are all designed with the same concept that somehow there is a golden fixed position that will alleviate the problem of RSI forever. This also keeps the user confined in the same uncomfortable fixed position, ultimately leading to repetitive stress injuries. Smartfish is looking to change all that with our new line of ErgoMotion products. After extensive research and design with Manhattan's Hospital for Special Surgery, we created our ErgoMotion keyboard. Equipped to help increase blood flow and alleviate discomfort and fatigue, our design effectively reduces the risk factors that would ordinarily cause RSI."

Bill Fiebel

"In designing this device we had some major obstacles to overcome. Powering a keyboard without a secondary power source, engineering the movement to be robust enough to handle user wear and smart enough to answer the demands of the user were all important points that we had to tackle when designing this keyboard."

Denise Spirito

"When Jack came to us with his keyboard idea we had one goal in mind: to make this keyboard not only an effective ergonomic device, but to be as sleek and beautiful as it was functional. We wanted the user to appreciate not only the comfort, but also the beauty of our product. It was a challenge to fit a new dimension of intelligence and movement into the keyboard while still finding a way to keep it aesthetically pleasing. We didn't want our design to become the orthopedic shoe of keyboards; effective and functional, but ugly."

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