Ergonomic Mouse Devices

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The primary purpose of an ergonomic computer mouse is to relieve hand tension and prevent serious long-term health risks, namely Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). Many of us use computers on a daily basis and it is hard to ignore the fact that very few computer workstations are ergonomically correct. It is extremely important to take the proper precautions and buy the proper gear to prevent yourself from developing any debilitating injuries from prolonged computing with poorly designed input devices.

A basic computer mouse is by no means designed for daily use. In terms of ergonomics, a standard mouse is only acceptable to use for about 20 minutes before a break of an equal amount of time is recommended. Think about how often you spend more than 20 minutes at the computer, its probably every day like most of us. Now imagine if your boss would let you take breaks from doing your work every twenty minutes to give your hands a break, its highly unlikely. This is why using a well-designed ergonomic mouse is the only way to go. It is a smart, effective way of enhancing your comfort, preventing injuries and increasing productivity.

Ergonomic mice have specific design features that set them apart from standard computer mice. One of the most obvious differences is the natural, sloped, hand-conforming shape of an ergonomic mouse. This is to provide your hand with more support and to reduce tension in the small, sensitive hand muscles. Similar to how a good sole in your shoe will conform to the bottom of your foot, an ergonomic mouse is made to “fit like a glove”. Some are even size-adjustable or are produced by the manufacturer in different sizes, to fit each and every unique user’s hands.

Some of the ergonomic mouse devices you will find will seem downright strange looking. In fact, the most popular mouse of them all is the Vertical Mouse by Evoluent which actually turns your hand sideways into the “handshake” position. This is said to reduce hand tension and eliminate arm twisting, which according to user reviews it does very well. Some say that it takes a little while to get used to the new feel of a mouse like this one, but for most people it is worth the wait and it proves to increase mousing comfort. Evoluent also makes a left-hand version of their mouse as well as a wireless version, but if going cordless is your goal there are also a few decent ergonomic bluetooth mouse devices available you can take a look at.

Buying an ergonomic computer mouse is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of ergonomics and to become more familiar with the needs of your body. After a top-notch mouse is attained users usually next opt for an ergonomic keyboard, followed by an adjustable keyboard tray to hold both the keyboard and the mouse and to allow them both to become fully articulating, or movable. Once you have the right peripherals and you’re able to adjust them accordingly you can look into what types of ergonomic seating are in your budget. While some are priced beyond most of our reach you can find a well-built ergonomic chair for $300-$600 that will last for many years and will help better support your hard-working back muscles.

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