What Is The Best Ergonomic Keyboard Available?

If you're looking for the best ergonomic keyboard in terms of price, quality and effectiveness, the Goldtouch is worth a closer look.

Certified ergonomists from around the world have been recommending the Goldtouch as an alternative keyboard for over 10 years. The main idea behind this product is that anything considered "ergonomic" must be adjustable to fit each and every unique user. The range of adjustability with the Goldtouch ensures a neutral, risk-free typing posture for anybody.

Unlike some of the other more expensive, more complicated ergo keyboards on the market this one will not take you very long to learn and get used to. It may take you a few days to settle in to a keyboard position that you like and is comfortable, but once you get the hang of it you'll be typing faster with less discomfort. Your efficiency at the computer will increase when your hands, arms and shoulders are more relaxed.

Being fully adjustable is what makes the Goldtouch keyboard better than say the Microsoft 4000. Even though the MS model has curved keys there is just no way that it can properly fit all users. Using input devices that are the proper size and in the ideal position for your body type will ultimately lead to less discomfort at the computer and a reduced risk of developing repetitive stress injuries.

There are a few different models available: a PC version, a MAC version and a travel size model for ergonomics on-the-go. Click the image links below for information about each model.

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